Better engagement, wider reach


ROAR stands for "Responsive, Online, Advanced Reporting". ROAR enables the creation of sophisticated and affordable online documents. We designed it to provide your audiences with easier, more engaging access to the information you want them to receive. 


By online, we don’t just mean a PDF file that’s housed in the depths of your website. We mean a standalone microsite that can extend the reach of your documents and bring your content to life in a way that’s not possible in printed media. 


With animated graphics, embedded video, easy navigation and links to relevant information, ROAR will add a new dimension to how you shape content in ways people increasingly expect. In-built analytics and heat mapping allow you to better understand how readers are engaging with your content — what they actually do and look at — helping shape it to better fit their future needs.


Still need to print some copies? ROAR can also generate a high-quality, print-ready version of your document.


The more people you can reach, the more impact you can have.

Who is ROAR for?


  • Organisations wishing to migrate their statutory and other corporate reports and documents to a digital format.

  • Budget holders seeking a greater return on investment from their documents and content development.

  • Communications professionals looking to improve their organisational story-telling.

  • Anyone who would like to get the benefits of a web-based report but still needs to print a limited number of copies.

  • Boards and CEOs seeking to 'mobilise' their corporate communications for extended reach.

Why just report when you can ROAR?


Conventional reports

ROAR reports

Print is hero with PDF version on website

High quality print document AND fully interactive online version

Read only

Read, listen, watch, engage

Text and graphics

Text and graphics ... videos ... animations ... interactive content

More $s on print, less $s on content

More $s on content, less $s on print

Access limited to print and desktop

Access anywhere, any time on any device

Meets the expectations of some audiences

Meets expectations of all audiences in ‘mobile first’ era

Investing in the status quo; limited measurability of content

Investing in the future; analytics and heat maps to understand preferences and shape content

Ready to ROAR?

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