Q. Why should I choose ROAR and what’s Moxie?


A. ROAR has been developed by leading Wellington-based design agency Moxie Communications. Our skill is in creating enduring brands and visual communications which achieve strong impact with their audiences, and which will stand the test of time. We really get what it takes to make great reports and documents whether they’re on or off-line and have nearly 30 years of experience working with leading national organisations in the creation of ground breaking — often award winning — reports and documents. Our tried and tested process supports people in the design of versatile online documents that produce great results.



Q. How can I be sure the design quality will be as good as I’m used to with the print version?


A. We bring all the experience and skill in our repertoire to ROAR projects that we do to any other design project. ROAR has been developed to allow maximum design choice and configurability for each document or report. The aim is not to commoditise design or serve up a software as a service model. ROAR is simply a tool that allows us to do what we do best; design high calibre visual communications using the web as the channel.



Q. Will it take more time than our printed version currently does?


A. We follow a design process intended to make producing your online document as easy and stress free as possible. We hold a kickoff meeting to understand your desired outcomes and agree a timeline and key milestones that will shape the project and ensure the demands on your time are contained.



Q. How much does it cost?


A. The cost of each project will vary depending on the size of the document, the complexity of design and the level of infographics, animations and video content that is required. We can include custom add ons if our extensive feature set doesn’t cover off everything you want to do. We always estimate work up front and bill to estimate unless the scope of the work has changed significantly at your request. Prices for our standard ROAR option start at $7,000. 


Q. How do I let people know about my document?


A. As part of our service, we provide a list of ways to promote your online report.



Q. Will ROAR work for small documents/brochures?


A. We can work with documents of any size in ROAR. The decision about whether to take a document online is more about the purpose of the document and the audience(s) for it. Talk to us about what you’d like to achieve and we can help you decide if ROAR is the right answer.



Q. What do I actually get and how do I deal with it?


A. The static-site generated by the Moxie ROAR application is a .zip file containing one or more HTML pages, one concatenated CSS file, one concatenated and minified Javascript file, and a folder of assets which will include images, videos, and likely PDF content. There will be exactly one HTML document named index.html by convention, such that a standard web server should be able to serve the contents of the unzipped directory without any additional configuration. You also get a print-ready version (if required). This can be loaded into your microsite as a Downloadable PDF.



Q. Where does the microsite get hosted?


A. It’s a static website that is provided as a .zip file which can either be hosted on your server or ours. All you have to do to access it is create a link from your website, or it can be a standalone site if you’d prefer.